Keep Warm This Winter With The Sphere

By Hollie Vorbach7th May, 2019 THE IDEA BEHIND THE SPHERE COLLECTION WAS TO CREATE A MIRROR THAT FITS IN WITH TODAY’S TRENDS, INCORPORATES MODERN TECHNOLOGY, YET ALSO REMAINS IN STYLE FOR MANY YEARS TO COME. Sphere Round Mirror By Remer Remer’s Sphere Collection round mirror is a best seller, if not THE best-selling product in our range. […]

Bathroom Mirror Glossary List of Remer

By11th May, 2021 The bathroom mirror industry is growing by leaps and bounds, especially the demand for modern bathroom mirrors and mirrors with integrated lighting. Bathroom mirror installation is the new mantra for all home décor connoisseurs. Now let’s throw some light on the bathroom mirror and how they have evolved with this glossary list. HERE’S THE LIST OF THE […]

How to Stop Bathroom Mirror Rusting?

By24th May, 2021 Bathroom mirrors are subject to wear and tear as they’re always in a moist environment. This can potentially taint and cause damage to the silver lining and lead to the appearance of black spots. And a bathroom mirror which we use to get ready to look our best should be hygiene and […]

Recreate The Luxury Hotel or Spa Experience In Your Bathroom

By11th June, 2021 HOTEL OR SPA INSPIRED CONTEMPORARY BATHROOM IDEAS It is no rocket science to know that bathrooms can only replicate a luxury spa or hotel experience if one plans to conceive and design it in a certain way. Bathrooms that exude poise and grace have been meticulously thought out in terms of their […]