The bathroom mirror industry is growing by leaps and bounds especially the demand for modern bathroom mirrors and mirrors with integrated lighting. Bathroom mirror installation is the new mantra for all home décor connoisseurs. Now let's throw some light on the bathroom mirror and how they have evolved over time with this glossary list.

Here's the list of the Bathroom Mirror glossary terms for every individual:

  1. Illuminated Mirror: Mirrors that use the light from the backside to create a bright yet soft effect. This glow also lights up the bathroom in a delicate manner. It makes the mirror decorative and functional. They are a good accessory for a modern and contemporary bathroom.
  2. Mirror cabinet: A mirror cabinet is a traditional cabinet used as storage for toiletries, or hygiene products especially in the bathroom placed overhead. It has a dual purpose of providing a mirror for shaving, makeup, or other facial concerned activity.
  3. Smart Mirror: A smart mirror is a two-sided mirror. It has an electronic display that remains hidden behind the glass façade. The display or interface exhibits information pertaining to time, date, and other news of interest
  4. Wall Mirror: They can be full scape mirrors or dressing mirrors. They come in all sizes and shapes for every room or bathroom and are multipurpose in nature. They can be hung on the wall or it comes with its own stand
  5. Lighted Mirror: A dual feature of light and mirror which gives a modern look. The mirror is lit through the light underneath. The lighted mirror adds aesthetic as well as functional value to the bathroom
  6. Warm light: It gives a natural feel and is good to light up bathroom interiors. As is it natural it is relaxing to the eyes and gives a calming effect.
  7. Front lit Mirror: Light placed along the mirror surface. This emits light and glows while it adds both to the beauty and functionality of the mirror.
  8. LED lit Mirror: They are the mirror which has LED bulbs and it allows the mirror to reflect its lighting. LED mirrors to create an impression of vast spaces in rooms, bathrooms, and other areas in the house.
  9. Cool Light: Cool light is ideal for areas that need more lighting and requires more brightness. It is best suited for bathrooms to give a brighter and clearer and distinct reflection.
  10. Vanity Mirror: A vanity mirror is a personalized mirror used a lot for everyday grooming. It often placed in the bathrooms to help fix makeup, hair, and shave. It is for a closer and enhanced look at details.
  11. Oval Backlit Mirror: Oval-shaped backlit mirror adds to a deluxe feel to the entire bathroom space and the mirror as well
  12. Defogger Mirror: It is a type of mirror that creates warmth on the mirror surface and as a result, it prevents dampness from condensing on the mirror surface during a hot shower or bath as result it acts as a defogger.
  13. Cool White: It is light which has a bluish tinge and gives a cool sensation. It reflects a clean and clear glow and hence the reflection is such.
  14. Round LED Mirror: It is a type of LED mirror that is round in shape mostly installed in bathrooms for a luxurious look. The light emitted gives a better reflection.
  15. Demister Mirror: It prevents the building up of steam or moisture or condensed water particles due to an inbuilt technology within the mirror that prevents the same. It gives a crystal-clear reflection irrespective of the temperature in the bathroom
  16. Round Bluetooth Mirror: Round-shaped, these mirrors are wireless and connected to mobile devices and wherein one can stream music and listen to songs or change the lighting.
  17. Illuminated Mirror Cabinet: A mirror cabinet that is illuminated is both functional giving space for storage of bathroom and other essential items and also aesthetic as it adds to the glamour quotient of the bathroom space giving good visibility too.
  18. Bath Mirror: Bath mirror elevates the overall vibe of a space, in this case, the bathroom. These can come in different shapes and sizes, large and small.
  19. Daylight: Natural light mirrors that give authenticity and importance to ambiance light as opposed to tones and hues of created light.
  20. Digital Mirror: These are mirrors with display and it gives information of realistic graphics which are projected on the mirrors. A lot of real-time features are also present in them
  21. Copper backed Mirror: As the name suggests it is a copper-backed mirror. It adds to the overall look and elegance of mirrors installed anywhere in any space. It has an old-world charm to it
  22. Lead Free Mirror: This is an eco-friendly mirror. It has a double coating of polymer resin over the silver. It is devoid of lead and copper and is environmentally friendly.
  23. Integrated Lighting: It is an assembly of light fixtures. These can include an array of lights and lamps like LED, Halogen lamps, and so on. Integrated lighting system streamlines lighting system connections.
  24. Circle LED mirror: Gently curved edges, these are round mirrors that lend a soft touch. They create an illusion of space and the light illuminates the place and the area around it.
  25. Large Backlit Mirror: Backlit mirrors are large in size and it lends a great dimension to the space they are getting installed into. They use LED lights that are fitted behind the outline of the mirrors. They are usually installed in the bathrooms.
  26. Rectangle Mirror: As the name suggests these are rectangular in shape and can adorn any space, be it the bathrooms, dressing room, or even bedrooms
  27. Shower Mirror: Mirrors that can be placed inside the shower area. There are several kinds of shower mirrors like fog free shower mirrors, LED shower mirror, demister shower mirror, etc
  28. Rectangle Backlit Mirror: Rectangular mirrors which come with the backlight. It illuminates the space around it while giving the desired look
  29. Shaving mirrors: Mirrors that are concave in nature to give a magnified look of the face or help focus on the area on the face which needs attention
  30. Dimmable Bathroom Mirror: This helps control the lighting on the mirror. Sensors on the dimmable mirrors help the intensity and warmth of the light required. A need for natural light or more powerful lighting can be regulated in dimmable mirrors.
  31. LED Sensor Mirror: It has the power to detect if one is standing in front of the mirror and as result, it lights up automatically the moment someone appears in front of it
  32. Modern LED Mirror: It is versatile and contemporary in design and lit up with a LED (Light-Emitting Diodes) which emits light after electricity passes through them. They create the impression of large spaces
  33.  Backlit full-length mirror: Full scape mirror which is supported by a backlight. This gives good imagery and reflection of self in light even if the surrounding space doesn’t have ample lighting.
  34. LED heated mirror: High-definition mirrors that are anti-fog, energy-saving, and waterproof giving a better shower experience
  35. Circular Shaving Cabinet: These are stylized cabinets placed over the sink to keep shaving accessories within. The look is contemporary and adds to the aesthetic value of the space as well as it comes with its functionality
  36. Minimalist Bathroom: A modern bathroom with the right fittings yet which has minimal and conservative interiors.
  37. Copper Mirror: High thermal conductivity is what copper mirrors signify.
  38. Aesthetic mirrors: This is a broad category and is modern-day mirrors that can embellish and revamp any space and interiors. They come in several shapes and sizes backed by the latest technology
  39. Makeup light mirror: Even lighting around the entire mirror makes for perfect makeup mirrors. Makeup light mirrors come in this category and are very useful for the purpose.
  40. Modern contemporary mirrors: This is an entire gamut of mirrors of different sizes, lengths, and variations. They come along with frames and technology to suit every need. They add to the aesthetic and functional quotient of every space
  41. Magnifique: Outstanding, Superior, Gripping
  42. Corrosion-resistant mirror: These are mostly copper free mirrors, they are the new generation, environment-friendly and sustainable products
  43. Oval Shaving Cabinet: These are oval-shaped shaving cabinets placed over the sink to keep shaving accessories within. The look is contemporary and adds to the aesthetic value of the space as well as it comes with its functionality
  44. Commercial Mirror: These accurately fit in with the commercial requirement of any space. They have to be sturdy and durable as they would come in contact with a variety of people over a period of time.
  45. Chic: Exclusive, Elegant, Stylish
  46. Led shaving cabinet: A shaving cabinet lit up with a LED backlight
  47. Round Shaving Cabinet: Round cabinets placed over the sink to keep shaving accessories within. The look is contemporary and adds to the aesthetic value of the space as well as it comes with its functionality.
  48. Frameless Mirror: This is a one-piece big-size mirror. They often have no storage and can create the effect of making any space look much bigger than what it is wherever it is placed
  49. Recessed Mirror Cabinet: As the name suggests they are indented into the bathroom walls to give a sleek, modern, and minimal look. It is functional as it can store all your essentials and toiletries. They are in single; double and triple door designs sometimes.
  50. Semi-Recessed Mirror Cabinet: It is not fully flushed or indented. It partly protrudes out from the wall. The storage space is tucked away in the wall. It is appropriate for almost all wall types.
  51. Large full-length mirror: These are stylish elegant mirrors that cover the space from top to bottom and a full scape reflection of oneself can be seen. These can attach to the wall or they come with a stand
  52. Leaner Mirror: The purpose of leaner mirrors is to make spaces look expansive and bigger. This kind of mirror is specifically made for smaller spaces. They create a semblance of larger spaces. This is perfect for small living spaces as it can make confined and limited spaces look extensive
  53. Floor Mirror: These mirrors reflect an image from head to toe. These can be either wall-mounted or also come with a stand to support on. They are most often placed vertically but can also be fixed horizontally, creating an illusion of expanded space.
  54. Fog-Free Mirror: These are normally mirrors installed in the bathroom where there is scope for the creation of steam and dampness. It comes with an inbuilt technology that does not allow steam or fog to build upon the surface of the mirror while taking a shower or even when there is a running hot water tap over the basin. This helps give a clear reflection at all times.
  55. Aluminum Frame Mirror: These are mirrors that have high strength at the same time are made of light material. They look elegant and have a good texture. They prevent wear and tear and are low on maintenance.
  56. Round Edge LED mirror: These mirrors are known for both their contemporary look as well as their functionality. They come in several variants and have state-of-the-art technology features which can turn a bathroom into a true luxury space. They have a lifespan beyond regular mirrors and are low on maintenance and high on efficiency
  57. Touch sensor Mirror: These are new-age mirrors that come with smart technology. They have an array of display features that shows up on the mirror and can be customized based on the user’s requirement. The mirror acts as a touch screen that can help navigate and get information as required.
  58. Sphere-shaped mirror: It’s a mirror that is spherical in shape and it’s a good mix of modern and vintage. These come with lights that are front or backlit which illuminates the area where it is installed. They are primarily bathroom mirrors but can also be affixed in nooks or corners of bedrooms or any other area.
  59. Copper Free Mirror: This is made through a chemical sedimentation process. A sheet is specially treated and coated on quality float glass followed by special metal film and then they are finally treated and painted with two layers for chemical and physical fortification.
  60. Wall mirror cabinet: Mirrors that come with cabinets to keep essentials inside. It has a double purpose which serves as a mirror as well it serves as a utility product.
  61. 2 door cabinet mirror: This is similar to a wall mirror cabinet except that it has a 2 door access to the cabinet unlike the former. The purpose and the function of it remains the same as a wall mirror cabinet
  62. LED strip bordered mirror: A mirror that is bordered or surrounded by LED backlit or front-lit light. It gives a well-lit look and gives a soft ambiance as well as an elegant look to the space installed.
  63. Curved LED mirror: Mirrors that are bent or rounded along the corner and facilitated by LED lights
  64. Concealed wire technology: Wires which are designed in a way that stays within the product and is camouflaged and not revealed in the open to give a neat and aesthetic look.
  65. Minimalistic round mirror shaving cabinet: A spartan look added to a round mirror that doubles up as a shaving cabinet. A multi-functional yet visually appealing décor item for the bathroom space
  66. Storage mirror cabinet:  A striking mirror cabinet with big storage space to keep all bathroom essentials intact and hidden and well organized along with a mirror function.
  67. SAA Certification: SAA Approvals is accredited by the Joint Accreditation Service of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ), as a third-party certification body to issue Certificates of Approval/Conformity for declared and Level 3 products and Certificates of Suitability for all non-declared or Level 1 & 2 electrical equipment that has proven to comply with the safety requirements of the applicable Australian Standard.