Bathroom mirrors are subject to wear and tear as it is always in a moisture-prone environment. This can potentially taint and cause damage to the silver lining in ordinary mirrors and also lead to the appearance of black spots. Bathrooms are the spaces one tends to spend a certain amount of time in a day and also it is synonymous with hygiene and cleanliness. To keep it spotless, especially the mirror which is the centerpiece of the bathroom space, it’s essential to replace it with better quality mirrors. These could be LED lighted bathroom mirrors, LED mirror cabinets, and so on.

The basic reason for any mirror to rust is when the silver nitrate around its frame withers away while getting exposed to moisture, air, heat, cold, and sometimes even the product used for cleaning can contribute to this process.

Remer takes pride in its out-of-the-box collection which is avant-garde, revolutionary as well as functional, and is ahead of its times on its Smart Mirrors. Rusting a persistent problem in mirrors more so in bathroom mirrors, an area that is laced with moisture and dampness is a continuous menace. 

Here’s a list of preventable steps for Bathroom Mirror rusting and Remer shows us the way: -

  1. Changing Bathroom Mirrors: Remer’s energy-efficient LED mirrors are not the only function that they perform. The entire Remer bathroom mirror collection; be it the Miro, Lucy, Otis, Gatsby, Kara, Sphere collection, are a specialized modern mirror that keeps the ‘Mirror rot or rusting at bay. The Remer LED bathroom mirror collection with its defogging and dimming components amongst other features helps in the prevention of rust, a common concern with all bathroom areas. The Remer Shaving Cabinet collection represented by the Vera, Amber, and Pearl Collection is all LED mirror cabinets that can double up and serve the purpose of averting rust as well as providing space for storage utility.

  2. Copper Free Mirror: The other quick fix to prevent rusting is to get mirrors that are copper-free. Remer’s entire collection of copper-free bathroom mirrors and shaving cabinet collection can vouch for a rust-free experience amongst several other states of the art features that its collection has to offer.

  3. Mirror with advanced Frames: This is another technique that can be employed but again it is not easy to execute the process. The readymade Remer Smart Mirror comes with its stand-alone frames which are affixed to each of its exquisite pieces of work. These frames are not only superiorly aesthetic in nature but they also encase the mirror in a way that prevents future rust hazards as they are technically sound and designed in the most scientific manner

  4. Modern Contemporary Mirrors: The Remer Collection is the next-gen collection of luxe, multi-functional, cutting-edge smart mirror technology which every bathroom must aspire to have. It is an investment like none other and well worth it to avoid all short-term fixes which every regular bathroom may require frequently in short intervals of time.

The one permanent solution which is economical, energy-efficient, and aesthetic in nature is replacing old rusted mirrors with new modern-day LED backlit or front-lit mirrors which come with features like demisters, defoggers and also have state of the art dimmable elements incorporated within the mirrors. These are not only the order of the day in terms of modern décor designs and aesthetics but also, they are sustainable options that are reasonable and vouch for their durability and longevity.

Bathroom mirrors are predisposed to rough usage and sometimes can be difficult to maintain daily. A sound investment in the form of such high-quality mirrors is the future that would last for years with no or minimal maintenance. ‘Mirror rot’ or mirror rusting is a thing of the past and it is certainly something within one’s control and can be fixed by replacing it with better quality state-of-the-art and niche products that are now within one’s reach.

All the above features are encompassed in the Remer Bathroom Mirror Collection. It is the one-stop shop for all modern-day bathroom solutions, anti-rust being one of them. A departure from the old to the contemporary and functional is what makes imminent sense for all who are looking out for a hassle-free indoor, home, and bathroom décor makeover which would be low on maintenance and last for times to come.