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Bluetooth in bathrooms is a major trend for 2019 and Remer have been noticed as one of the key players delivering this product.

Change your tune, the latest trend in bathrooms is the Bluetooth Smart Mirror

You have heard of Bose, JBL, UE Boom. They are everywhere. Literally go into your nearest tech store and they’ll be there, probably on the first shelf you see. In a new addition to Bluetooth, we now have Bluetooth Smart Mirrors listed as a top bathroom interior trend in Australia, according to Herald Sun’s ‘Soak up the latest looks’ article published in February. Interior designer Alan Nasrallah said in the article, “Bluetooth mirrors with LED lighting have made a major splash into the bathroom-design world, not to mention LED strip lighting, smart toilets, under-tile heating and built-in speakers, just to mention a few.” You heard it here first, Bluetooth in bathrooms is a major trend for 2019 and Remer have been noticed as one of the key players delivering this product.

Light up mirror with Bluetooth Remer Otto premium

Remer were featured in the Herald Sun!

We were actually super excited and it was a proud moment for us to have our Otto Premium featured in the Herald Sun and on February 22nd. As a small growing company, it was huge. Remer is one of the first companies in Australia to sell Bluetooth mirrors and mirrors in 1500 and 1800mm sizing. Its by all means not new technology, but it is a new feature that is just being introduced to all the latest bathrooms in Australia and to be recognized as one of the key players is an awesome feat for a fresh Australian business.

Light up mirror with Bluetooth Remer Otto premium

So, why would I want Bluetooth in a mirror anyway?

Okay, setting the scene. You’re walking into a bathroom that has a bright and shiny mirror on top of the vanity (we’re human, we like shiny things okay), it’s an immediate eye catcher, right? Now, you go up to it and notice three little buttons illuminated. Another thing, us humans like to touch things. You touch the little button that has the Bluetooth sign in it, thinking, “what does this do? Bluetooth in a mirror, huh?” A little chime starts ringing from the mirror. Even more intrigued, you check your phone and see a new Bluetooth device has popped up. You click it, and the mirror makes another chime that indicates you are paired.

Now, the fun starts.

Swiping through your playlist of Ariana Grande cause you’re a lady boss, you choose ‘7 rings’ and immediately start bopping to the bougie track as the mirror blasts the song through its speakers, filling the entire bathroom with vibes. You’re easily about to max your credit card on that new Gucci bag because of this energy. Would this sort of energy ever come if you just played that song through your phone while you showered and did your makeup? Nope. But through a Bluetooth mirror, which has lighting to ensure you’re looking fly and flawless when you leave the house today, yes. Yes, you can be bougie and yes you can be that ‘It girl’ (or guy!) with the fancy Bluetooth Smart mirror!

New dimension to your bathroom experience

The idea behind having Bluetooth in a mirror is to add a new dimension to your bathroom experience. The old ‘singing in the shower’ phrase has been going around for years, so it’s not a new discovery that hey, us humans really love our music and shower time! However, there isn’t a lot of options available to actually bring the music from your phone ‘to life.’ Portable Bluetooth speakers come close to this, and we saw an opportunity in the market to combine this technology, along with lighted mirror technology, into a product that puts your bathroom renovation above the pack.

What Remer mirrors have Bluetooth?

Essentially, every ‘Premium’ mirror that Remer has to offer has the Bluetooth function. Whilst our Otto range is perfect for bigger ensuites and family bathrooms as you can get them in 1200, 1500 and 1800 sizing, we do have other models that come in 1000 or 800 sizing with the Bluetooth function for those smaller spaces. So no, there is no excuse to miss out!

Otis remer led backlit bluetooth
Otis remer led backlit bluetooth

How to use your Bluetooth mirror

For one of our Premium mirrors with Bluetooth to work at its best, it cannot be recessed as the mirror has inbuilt speakers that will be covered if recessed and diminish the sound quality. A quality Wi-Fi connection needs to be available for your mobile device to connect to the Bluetooth and avoid any cutting out of the music. Also, your mobile device has to be in close range to the mirror, so stored in a safe place in your bathroom while its connected. The volume of the sound is controlled by your mobile device. On full volume the sound is quite loud and can easily feel like a surround sound environment. There is absolutely no better way to start your day than jamming out to ‘Break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored’ on full. Also, thank you Ari for the sound track to 2019, bless up!

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