Eclipse Mirror Collection

Eclipse D
Eclipse D
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Features D DD
LED Lighting
Demister with 1 Hour Auto Cut-off
Adjustable Light Colour

The absolute reason that makes the Eclipse Mirror stand out is the additional feature of a dimmer. Within the contemporary bathroom mirror collection, this LED round mirror has a dimmable function that illuminates the bathroom space with immense sophistication and panache. It is an accessory that can embellish bathrooms and bedrooms in the same exquisite manner. It is front-lit and copper-free and comes with MDF features that imitate the light color steadily across any wall. With a modern touch sensor, this qualifies to be a smart mirror with a demister and an anti-fog function.

The Eclipse collection prides itself on imagery that is clear and sharp with matchless clarity and resolution. It comes in shades of black and white to give your modern and contemporary bathrooms a captivating neutral, minimalist, and crisp modern feel. In two different size alternates, this LED contemporary bathroom mirror combines visionary technology with versatility and elegance in addition to a spartan and immaculate touch to your bathroom space. With a lifespan way beyond regular LED-light enabled round mirrors, they are also very low on maintenance and very high on efficiency.