Gatsby Oval Mirror Collection

Gatsby Oval Mirror Collection

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LED Lighting
Demister / Anti-Fog

The medley of the rectangle with the round emphasises the Gatsby Collection. With an unmatched and classy look, this Oval Bathroom Mirror breaks away from convention in terms of design, aesthetics and functionality. It can effortlessly draw attention to itself and be the centrepiece of any bathroom space. The Gatsby collection explicitly affirms an ethereal and divine look to the bathroom. 


Frames and colours

The range of colours to choose from is numerous. A Gatsby Mirror can be picked in shades of Brushed Brass, Brushed Nickle, Matt Black, Gun Metal, Rose Gold and of course the all-time favourite the Frameless ones.

The visionary Gatsby Mirror Collection comes in a discrete shape as it redefines luxe and style giving the bathroom space a whole new nuance and dimension. Poised to turn heads and hog all attention this collection is a chartbuster. 


Features and more 

Gatsby Mirror is feature rich. It comes with a backlit LED soft glow and a touch sensor giving your bathroom space an understated yet refined look. The demister function prevents the build-up of steam and mist on its surface, keeping the mirror fog-free and crystal clear. In addition, the demister redefines confined bathroom spaces as a singular light source. It is a sustainable form of power as it is energy efficient and environment friendly.

This oval bathroom mirror is copper-free, making it low maintenance and innovative. The Gatsby Collection makes a bold décor statement as a bathroom fitting and uplifts your bathroom space to several notches higher.

There are two versions of specs for the oval mirror; Firstly:

  • Width 450 mm
  • Height 900 mm
  • Dept 31 mm

The second one

  • Width 450 mm
  • Height 1200 mm
  • Depth 31 mm

The Gatsby Collection boasts features that are hard to come by in one mirror, making it a collection beyond comparison. Remer is a leader in manufacturing such elegant and futuristic collections in the bathroom mirror space.