Illusion Mirror Collection

Illusion Mirror Collection

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LED Lighting
Demister / Anti-Fog
X5 Magnifier
Adjustable Swivel Arms

The Illusion Mirror is a versatile, modern, and minimalist wall-mounted mirror that is multipurpose in nature. It’s an ideal shaving mirror that can double up as a makeup mirror and for all other purposes that need detailing. 

This adjustable magnifying mirror can be of great advantage to wherever it is affixed. The LED illusion mirror has immense functional benefits and is feature-rich. This is an efficient, valuable mirror type and a must-have in your bathroom space. 


Frames and colours 

Illusion mirrors come in sophisticated chrome and matt black colours with a flexible and accomplished swivel arm. Keeping them in monochrome colours adds to their functional posture and gives them a subtle and smart look all the way. 


Features and more

The adjustable magnifying mirror pivots along its arm which can be folded back against the wall and pulled forward as and when required. It has a 5X magnification with an impeccable finish. The centre of the mirror is made of ace quality copper-free mirror.

The white LED light makes the whole experience highly effective during your shaving tasks or makeup application. The touch sensor at its base and a demister in the LED illusion mirror make it even more coveted and desirable, and this function keeps the mirror clear always. 

The wiring in the LED illusion mirror is ingeniously thought out with the wires hidden behind the mounting plate. 


Specs for the Illusion Mirror:

Diameter: 203 mm

Depth: 24 mm

A very diverse and versatile wall-mounted mirror that is very effective, functional, and multi-purpose in nature is what sums up an Illusion Mirror as a must-have for all bathrooms and other utility spaces.