Kara Backlit Mirror Collection

Kara D
Kara DB
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Features D DB
LED Lighting
Demister with 1 Hour Auto Cut-off
Adjustable Light Colour
Bluetooth Speakers
900 x 600
1200 x 750

The Kara Mirror Collection comes with a wide array of cutting-edge features and technological advancements. This backlit illuminated bathroom mirror has a light-colored switch and touch sensor to offer an out-worldly experience. The steam created in the bathroom is impervious to the mirror due to its demister function which keeps the mirror surface free of any fog and gives crystal clarity even after a hot shower. A perfect blend of classic versus contemporary, the LED-backlit illumination sets a perfect modern appearance in any space. They can either be hung horizontally or vertically as per one’s preferences.

Introducing a whole new paradigm in the bathroom mirror catalog, these illuminated mirrors undergo tremendous treatments to endure high levels of heat, moisture, humidity, and other bathroom local conditions to offer a durable and long-lasting experience. These illuminated bathroom mirrors can upgrade the appearance of any space and make the bathroom quite worthy of a glance.

Blending seamlessly with the Modern, Minimalist, and Glam-styled bathrooms, they are also available in various sizes to complement the scale of your space.