Miro Mirror Collection

Miro D
Miro DB
Miro DM
Miro DC
Miro DMC
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Features D DB DM DC DMC
LED Lighting
Demister with 1 Hour Auto Cut-off
Bluetooth Speakers
Digital Clock
750 x 900
900 x 700
1200 x 700
1500 x 750
1800 x 850

The Miro Collection is a bespoke collection of high-end backlit rectangular bathroom mirrors. These contemporary lustrous pieces of art have the potential to adorn any bathroom space with utmost luxury and sophistication. They come with state-of-the-art features which can assuredly elevate the exclusive quotient of your bathrooms. Affixed with LED backlights, demisters and anti-fogging attributes, these mirrors are also equipped with a Bluetooth audio component, a digital clock, and a magnifier.

This rectangle led mirror offers a wide array of mirror sizes – from a notable dimension of 750x900 to 1800x850 to blend in the bathrooms of various sizes. Additionally, the mirrors also flaunt-off touch sensors like the new age modern piece of art that every bathroom would pride itself on. These copper-free mirrors spell durability and longevity while exhibiting a statement like none in the bathroom segment. An investment well worthy from every perspective, the Miro Collection is definitely worthy of admiration while proving to be a great start or a perfect end to the day. Its futuristic and ultra-modern features give it an edge over all other competitors in the market.

Highly recommended for the Minimalist, Contemporary, and Modern-styled bathrooms, this bathroom mirror category is a perfect definition of distinctness. It tends to add a stunning backdrop to the small as well larger bathrooms while creating an illusion of a more refined and seamless space.