Can the Bathroom Illuminated Mirror / Shaving Cabinet be plugged in or must it be hardwired?

Yes, it can be plugged in, but it’s supplied to be hardwired and installed by a qualified electrician.

How do I connect to Bluetooth?

Turn on the Bluetooth function (the button should be not lit when the function is on) and pair the phone with the Bluetooth as per the most common devices.

What is the range of the Bluetooth of your Smart Mirror?

10 meters in ideal conditions.   

Can the shaving cabinet be recessed?

No, only semi-recessable up to the door.

Do I need to include a transformer/driver?

No. The mirror has a built-in transformer. All it needs is hardwiring to the wall.

Where in the wall should the electrician prepare the wire?


Around the centre of the position of the mirror taking into consideration of any studs and noggins. Every mirror has a void area shown on the specification for wire to roam and comes with a wire that has enough length to reach the centre of the mirror.

Can I change the LED strip to a different colour i.e. warm light?

Yes, but it will void the warranty.

Can the doors be changed around?

No, it will void the warranty.

How do I remove a door?

Be sure to turn off the power source of shaving cabinet before removing the door.

Pearl, Vera and Amber Shaving Cabinet: Each door comes with three hinges. Start removing the door from the top hinge and work towards the bottom or vice versa.

How do I put a shaving door back on?

You can put the shaving door back on by starting from top or bottom.

Lock in the first one and cling the second and third before locking them.

What is the minimum distance from the top of the basin to the bottom of the mirrored or Cabinet that the product can be mounted?

Refer to the IP44 area as a golden rule. 

Is the mirror IP44 rated?

Yes, for both Shaving Cabinet and Illuminated Mirrors.

Can the LED lighting be replaced?

Yes but only by a qualified electrician. We can quote the led strip.

Can the mirror be hung portrait and landscape?

Depends on model. #Refer to master data

Do I need an additional LED driver for the Remer LED mirror to work?

No. The LED driver is inbuilt and comes with the mirror.