What is the Warranty?

5 years replacement (labour is not included).

Where can I buy them?

Please go to to find your nearest retailers.

If the LED stop working can it be replaced?

Yes, it can be replaced by a qualified electrician.

Note: LED is covered under Remer’s 5 years warranty.

What is the running cost per hour?

As everyone’s electricity rate is different, therefore I am not able to advise.

We however have wattage information of our illuminated mirror.

What do I do in the unlikely event of an issue with the illuminated mirror?

Call our customer service or contact the retailer you purchased from.

What if my products arrive damaged?

Please contact your supplier (Remer direct customer) immediately and fill out the warranty form. Please provide photos of carton and mirror.

Why can I feel the radiant heat from the illuminated mirror?

Please check if the demister is off.

How do I clean my Remer mirror?

To properly clean a mirror and avoid corrosion, it is recommended to mix a spray bottle with 95% water and 5% Isopropyl alcohol, spray onto a microfiber cloth or chamois and wipe the mirror, leaving no traces of moisture.