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Top 6 Reasons For Your LED Mirror Lights Flickering and How To Fix Them?

led bathroom mirror light flickering

With the advancements in technology, all household products stepped into the “smart age,” and bathroom mirrors have also followed the trend. Now you can get mirrors of all different types, with one being famously known for its LED sensor lights that light up when you come near. You don’t even need to push any button with these mirrors, and infrared sensors do the job for you. Although this is a great technology, the LED light mirrors sometimes cause a really annoying problem – they flicker. And nothing makes your bathroom space go from splendor to squalor quicker than a LED mirror flickering.

It is one of those issues that you want to fix without any delay, so here’s a quick overview of the reasons why your LED light mirror might be flickering.  There can be numerous reasons behind the flickering of your LED mirror;


  • Look at the transformer or driver:

LED lights in your mirrors help illuminate the surroundings while providing you the perfect reflection of yourself. They help you see better when you do the shaving or makeup. But in order to properly illuminate, your LED light mirror needs a powerful flow of wattage. And if the electrical design of your home is strained, LEDs in mirrors can cause flickering.

The force behind these LED mirrors’ is either a LED transformer or driver. The former is more powerful and can light up more bulbs without losing brightness. It doesn’t matter if your LED light mirror has a driver or transformer; just make sure that it’s not a faulty one. If you see any problems there, you need to replace it, and once you have a new power supply installed, the flickering will stop.

  • Inrush current from appliances:

Few of the electrical appliances in your home usually consume more power when they first turn on. It can lead to voltage dropping because of the inrush current of motors. If your LED mirror is on the same circuit as these electrical appliances, you may observe flickering. Have your more voltage-consuming appliances like stove, refrigerator, washer, and dryer on a separate breaker. If you already have your appliances on separate breakers, you should call an expert electrician to further investigate the problem.

  • Loose connections:

Sometimes, the problem causing the flickering is no that big; it’s just a simple case of loosely-fitting LED light bulbs.  This happens when bulbs are not properly connected with the socket; because of that, even the slightest movement in LED bulbs can lead to intermittent flickering.

To fix that problem, the first thing you need to do is screw the bulbs of your LED light mirror tightly. Be very gentle while doing this, as excessive pressure can cause them to crack. Don a glove before doing so, even if LED lights don’t produce a lot of radiation; it’s a sure way to keep yourself on the safe side.

  • Dusty or dirty sockets:

Usually, in your LED mirrors, dust accumulates over time on the surface of the bulbs, which then creeks into the socket. If you haven’t cleaned your LED light mirror for a long time, dust may be the cause of this flickering. Now’s the perfect time to do some cleaning to remove the accumulated dirt in and around the LED mirror light sockets. Make sure to turn the power off before cleaning the mirror. Then unscrew the bulbs from the sockets to do a deeper cleaning.

  • Outdated dimmer switches:

Along with other reasons for the flickering of LED mirrors, dimmer switches are a common source of this issue. Older dimmer switches are made to use with standard bulbs; they generally don’t work well with LED mirror lights. If you have connected your LED mirror with an old dimmer switch, then replace it with a new dimmer designed especially for LED lights. These new switches are optimized for LED lights of your smart mirrors and will give you better performance.

  • Humidity factor

The biggest challenge that your LED light mirror faces in your bathroom is humidity. Fogging up of the mirror is not an issue with a bedroom mirror, but it probably fogs up every day after a steamy bath. This humidity in your bathrooms’ environment causes corrosion, which leads to poor electrical connections that eventually cause flickering.

A simple way to minimize humidity in your bathroom is by turning on the exhaust fan during showers and baths. Excessive humidity in your bathroom, along with electrical problems, also promotes mold growth which deteriorates the paint more quickly.


You’ll need to put in a little work and expense to fix your LED mirror lights’ flickering. But it’s still an issue that you can easily tackle in a few hours.

With perfectly manufactured smart LED mirrors, you generally don’t face problems like flickering. So, before buying an LED light mirror for your bathroom, do your research to get the best. At REMER, you’ll only get state-of-the-art bathroom mirrors approved by SAA to provide you the perfect solution for your bathroom illumination and other mirrors related needs. Visit our website today to check out our range of quality products.

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